Sydney Taylor
Maid of Honor
She's had a front row seat to my relationship with Alex as friend, family, and roommate!  I couldn't imagine getting married without my sissy as my Best Woman. Following in a path dear to our heart, Sydney is a current graduate student at Univ. of Denver.
Hannah Higgins
An Arkansas Kappa sister, Hannah has been one of my closest friends since we met in college (see Greek Sing 2010, 2nd Floor Kappa House 2011, Recruitment Trio 2012, etc, etc). Hannah and her pup Hunter are currently Keeping Fayetteville Funky in Arkansas.
Shelly Toland

One of my girls who loves both Arkansas and Texas as much as I do! Another Kappa sister, Shelly is living with her husband and sweet fur child Zoey in Dallas, TX. 

Kaylee Littleton
Alex's older sister, Kaylee's expat lifestyle makes her visits to the states few and far between, and something I always look forward to! Kaylee and her fiancé George currently live in his native New Zealand (they easily win the furthest travel award for this wedding).
Rachel Littleton

Alex's little sister, Rachel feels like my sister too! So glad she moved to Denver in 2018 after graduating college. She currently holds my bet for most likely to burn up the dancefloor. 

Aineta Lutz

From high school Lorena Leopards to sorority girl Bear and Razorback, Aineta has been my hometown buddy, visiting each other in so many states!  She and her fiancé Rob live in Dallas, Tx. 

Kristen McKinney

A Lorena Leopard transplant and running buddy, my friendship with Kristen is going on 14 years! She lives with her husband Matt, daughter Charlie, and a whole host of animals (chickens, peacocks, etc.) in Clifton, Tx. 

Madi Mackenzie
The two Madison's in our cohort, Madi came through the PsyD program with me (Pios til we Die-O). She is currently kicking butt as a doctoral resident at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH. 
Sean McKelvie
Best Man
Met at Billabong retail during college in Boulder, 8-year adventure pals. Sean lives in Salt Lake City, UT. 
Brandon Kuzara
Grew up together in Colorado Springs, lifelong friends (since second grade), tennis/pingpong prodigies. Brandon lives in Kansas City, MO.
Dan Gordon
Met at CU-Boulder, became close after graduating in 2014, co-parent of many backyard chickens, jamming partner. Dan lives in Denver.
Gabby Nordeman
We became close during our PsyD program at DU, spent 3+ years (so far) in the program, both graduate in Fall 2021. Gabby lives in Denver, CO.
John Tosches
Grew up together in Colorado Springs, beer enthusiasts, have remained close while both living in Denver.
Seth Grotelueschen
Played tennis together through high school in Colorado Springs, future Shark Tank success stories. Seth lives in Santa Barbara, CA.
Matt (Lefty) Worthington
Four-year housemate at CU-Boulder, countless college adventures. Lefty lives in Denver, CO.
Jake Silverman
Housemate, good friend, and Sig Ep fraternity brother at CU-Boulder. Jake lives in Denver, CO.
George Ashcroft
Future brother-in-law, is engaged to my big sister, Kaylee. George currently lives with Kaylee in Auckland, New Zealand. 
Tim Tauber
Housemate and good friend at CU-Boulder, travel and adventure buddy. Tim lives in Newport Beach, CA.
The Rev. Samantha Smith

We feel so special to have our wedding officiated by Madison's cousin on her mother's side, Sammi, better known now as Sam. From cousin trips as youngins to Sammi's stint as a Wacoan to Madison being a bridesmaid in Sammi's wedding, this is a treasured relationship! Sam lives with her husband Austin and daughter Ruth in Houston, Tx where she is the Assoc. Rector at St. Mark's Episcopal Church.